Through 2 pipes located in each side of the bobin slitting machine this machine aspirate and crush the waste strips.
Can be hooked directly to the own factory aspiration installation or autonomus thanks to their own silo and bags, in each slitting machine.

For the recovery of water from the washing of the glue spreader machines
Composed of:
• 1 Gear pump to empty the tray of the glue spreader machine and take it to the tank.
• 1. Special stainless steel tank of 350 or 500 liters capacity, where the solid waste will homogenize with water (the few remaining solids are deposited in a metal basket to be transported to recycling plants)
• 1. High pressure with special filter pump to destroy the solid particles from the wash water and homogenize with waste water.
• 1 Recirculation pump
• 1 Pressure pump to extract water and prepare the glue to work the next day.
• Electric control panel.
• Timed automatic cycle.
It is an ecological recycle machine for the waste water of the glue spreader machines, allowing reuse this water for the preparation of the glue to work the next day.

Complete veneer peeling line
Complete veneer peeling line

Spindleless Veneer peeling line (Different working length on request)

Composed by:
- Log adjusting roller conveyor
- Log feeding chain conveyor
- LOG DEBARKER - double roller driving ( reinforced )- to make log round and peel the bark
- Log adjusting roller conveyor
- Log feeding chain conveyor
- SPINDLE LESS VENEER PEELING CUTTING MACHINE- double roller driving ( reinforced )- peeling and cutting wood veneer
- Veneer conveyor
- Stacking unit