Smart automatic line for veneer layons production


– Pos. 3 Motorized conveyor roller, with selector switch (The guillotine operator places de veneer pack and indicates what splicing machine must receive it)

– Pos. 5 Motorized conveyor roller between the veneer pack gluing machine and fanning machine

– Pos. 7 Automatic feeding system for both splicing machines with veneer packs accumulator, with motorized conveyor roller with 90º turn, 4 meters and 2 floors veneer packs accumulator motorized conveyor roller, motorized conveyor rollers 2 floors and left and right ways for splicing machines veneer pack feeding, when the splicing machine operator call one veneer pack by pushing the call button.


– Pos. 2 Conveyor belt for reinforced veneer layon pickup

– Pos. 3 Inclined conveyor belt to get higher work position an achieve higher pallets of classified veneer layons.

– Pos. 4,5 and 6 Classified veneer layons exit with motorized belt retractable arms (the retractable arms exits till arrives to the exact point and deposit the veneer layon, then go back inverting the belt movement to can deposit and stack correctly the veneer layon)

NOTE.- The reinforcement machine operator have a switch with 3 buttons, by pushing any button sends each veneer layon processed to the corresponding quality pallet, first quality, second quality, or hand review.

Automatic veneer layons classification line for qualities.